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About Us

Today every customer looks for money value in every transaction. When People purchase new car they know it’s coming from manufacturer factory and all cars are same, but when they buy and sell used cars they have lot of worries.

Observing customer requirements Motorman in India started the test drive program. Our Mission is to provide a facility the used car buyer and sellers get a good experience just assume as New Car buyer.

I would like to introduce ourselves as the oldest and the most reliable Used Car Consultant with 28 years of hand on experience. Its strength lies in its Corporate Philosophy of “The Ultimate” and that is reflected in every sphere of the organization.


In 1988 by the blessings of Almighty God Mr. H.S Randhawa laid the foundation of Motorman.Today over the years, we emerged as a progressive and forceful organization. The organization today is a two-man show handled by Mr. H S Randhawa and Mrs. Prabhjot Randhawa. It has a well-established database of customers, which is spread all over India.

While these popular recognitions have no doubt been a tremendous morale booster for the real motor man team, nothing could equivalent the feeling of attainment and settlement that was spark when the site's traffic meter extend the stumble figure of 3 crore. As per the data representation, Motor Man served as many as 3.4 crore unique visitors in this first 4 years of its lifetime, which in itself is a record, however, Now what really made us feel sanguine about our approach and efforts was the exploring 2.5 crore visitors that the site connect within the single year nearly matching its traffic of the past 4 years.

Our Mission

We're proud of our sincere and uninterrupted try, both for car buyers, sellers and the other people who want to know more about the automotive industry in India. So whether you're a first-time visitor, a frequent site user, an avid auto enthusiast, a job seeker or a journalist working on a story, we hope you'll find what you're looking for.

Our achievements

It has got an undisputed position in the Auto Consultancy, as maximum number of sale and purchase of the vehicles is being done by MOTORMAN itself. It has a record of selling highest numbers of cars, which is one of the reasons of its awareness. One very unique advantage is that the company provides free evaluation certificate of your car at doorstep.

Our Agreement

We pledged that our customer requirement will consider as first for all our commitment, policies and all working concepts. We will be very reliable with our customers and constantly, delicacy is key point of our business strategy. As the below lines says goes "What’s the use of a life which cannot bring comfort to other?" We request you to visit us and give us a chance to prove that we are not better we are best.